HRD Attestation Attestation in India

What is HRD Attestation?

The full form is the Human Resource Department & it means getting an attestation stamp from the Human Resource Department on your documents. this is performed for the educational documents like degree certificate for an individual by the state government’s HRD ministry. It is the legalization process followed to prove the document’s authenticity. The stamp on a certificate after the completion of document attestation, is rendered to prove the authenticity of documents which is also called an HRD certificate.

How to get HRD Ministry Attestation?

Going through all the process and getting a stamp on your educational documents done no-doubt a lengthy and hectic process. While many services & agents have easy access to get document attested including Degree Certificate. PRIME is one of the best known and most preferred services and provides authentic services and maintains transparency with its customers. All you have to do is reach out to us for the service desired, and we will perform the whole process for you.

What is the need for HRD certificate attestation?

It is mainly required when you are stepping to a foreign country for education or employment purposes to prove the authenticity of your documents in their country and also to apply for a student visa, work visa or employment visa the educational certificate verification is necessary. It proves the legitimacy of your documents to the authorities of the respective country, the need for it is may vary from country to country and the purpose of traveling to the country.
 What is the HRD attestation procedure? What is the HRD attestation procedure?

What is the HRD attestation procedure?

In the procedure, before reaching to the Ministry, one needs to obtain verification from the local authorities along with university verification for the authentication of documents. The steps are given below :
  • Certificate Verification:
    This is the part of the educational certificate legalization which is mandatory before acquiring HRD authentication. It is the primary level of certification done by the university from which the concerned educational certificates were circulated.
  • HRD Attestation:
    The next step is getting the certificate from the state government or the Human Resource Department. The department is exclusive to certifying educational documents as per the requirement of the embassy.
  • What is the HRD attestation procedure?

    How long does it take to get Attestation from HRD?

    The time taken depends on some factors like your service provider, State from which you applied for it, types of documents you want to get attested and the type of university verification necessitated. Usually, it takes 15 to 25 days but it may extend up to a couple of weeks more than a month.

    What is HRD Attestation fees?

    The cost varies on various factors. It will differ from state to state and city to city. Other factors that affect fee are the location of issuance, the University the certificate is concerned with, etc. However, among other things, the add-on services like pick-up and delivery or the attestation of documents on an urgent basis. For best deals, contact our executives.