Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) Attestation in India

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA attestation means getting a verification stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation on your documents. This central department deals with the external affairs i.e. anything related to foreign countries, hence when you seek certificate attestation in India it is necessary to verify your documents and certificates from the Ministry. This document legalization is the mandatory step for your documents to prove genuineness. External Affairs Department in Delhi has been responsible for centralized attestation but now it’s decentralized.

Why is MEA Attestation needed?

MEA attestation is needed for a variety of reasons including resident visa, student visa and work visa; performing business from a foreign country; employing candidates from foreign nations among others. It is also priorly required while applying for the visa and also to get an embassy authentication for other purposes. Ministry of External Affairs attestation for Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc. is required on many educational and personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc.
 Procedure for MEA Attestation in India  Procedure for MEA Attestation in India

What is the process for a MEA Attestation?

Attestation of personal documents is not a direct process. There are necessary steps to go through before final attestation. It starts with attestation by notary and finishes with attestation by embassy/consulate. The detailed procedure for attestation in India is as follows
 Procedure for MEA Attestation in India

MEA Attestation for Commercial Documents

In certification of commercial documents, the first and mandatory process is to get document verified from the Chamber Of Commerce. After verifying, they issue a stamp on your documents as proof of authentication. After the authentication from the Chamber of commerce, you need to get authentication from the central government to go for the further process which will be performed by the embassy.
  • 1. Chamber of Commerce
  • 2. Ministry of External Affairs
  • How much time does it take to get MEA Attestation in India?

    There is a set of documents that require MEA. The time for the procedure varies respectively according to the document issued state, the kind of documents, or the necessity to perform the authentication. Considering these factors, it takes about 7 to 12 business days for the Ministry of External Affairs attestation. It takes more time in case HRD authentication is involved in the process which needs university certificate verification as well.

    What are the MEA Attestation fees?

    The legalization fees vary based on the Indian state from which document is issued, your location, the type of your document. The cost could be reasonable or high, but this cost can also be affected by various reasons like the urgency of the requirement or other add-on services like pick-up and drop facility. For best MEA Attestation price, contact PRIME executives now.

    The difference between MEA Attestation and Apostille

    Eventually, both apostille and legalization work on the same motive, that is to prove the authentication of documents and both are provided by the central government. But there is a difference between these two: In apostille, you are provided with a stamp complimented with an apostille sticker on your documents while in attestation the documents are issued with only a stamp on the backside.